Undecided and Confused? It’s a Golden Opportunity


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 know what that sounds like. “Oh jeez, another feel good in adversity blog.” Actually no. I am not interested in feeling good. At least, not as an end in itself. That idea of always feeling good is one of the best excuses for avoiding your feelings and putting off the real spiritual work that needs to be done.

Spirituality, like everything else in life, is work

The state of indecision and confusion IS a golden opportunity. Why? Because it reveals the lack of inner congruence that makes progress possible. Looking closely at what is really going on within every human being, we find that there are numerous conflicting motivations.

  • I want to buy those shoes / I want to save money
  • I want to lose weight / I want that chocolate cake
  • I want to sleep in / I want to go to the gym
  • I want to start my own business / I want the steady paycheck
  • I want to ask her out / I don’t want to be rejected
  • I want the Botox injection / I don’t want to be a phony
  • I want to be free / I want to be safe

The only reason you ever make any decision, ever is because one of those motivations becomes dominant. That has to be the case otherwise we really would just sit there and stare. I know you’ve been there. Understanding these conflicting motivations and more importantly, accepting that they are all here to stay is the first step in learning to work with them. Yes you heard me right.

Conflicting desires, emotions and motivations are a permanent part of the human system

You can’t get rid of them. The desire to be free and the desire to be safe will always be present and they are totally contradictory. You can do either completely. Too much safety and life is a bore. To much freedom and you take risks that far outweigh the benefit. So finding the perfect balance between the two in any given moment is the art of life. And the fact that those two motivations are always present gives life its creative tension. When you can’t find the balance you feel that dreaded indecision which can sometimes be so severe as to paralyze you completely.

Freedom and safety are the 2 most fundamental but there are actually 7 that I teach as a part of my 7 Eyes of the Soul course.

  • Safety
  • Freedom
  • Identity (Sense of Empowerment)
  • Relationship
  • Communication
  • Creativity and Intellect
  • Spirituality

All of these energies are always active. Knowing which to give preference to in any moment is the art and that requires knowing where the one who has to keep it all in balance. It requires knowing who you are well enough to know how to employ these various energies, when and in what amounts in order to achieve the best result.

In order to do that a little training is in order. This training is what I call “The 7 Eyes of the Soul” and it breaks down to 7 (of course) key principles:

  1. Learn to know who you are and where you are going
  2. Learn to establish yourself in the seat of authority in your inner, energetic world
  3. Learn to allow and pay attention to inner differences of opinion
  4. Learn to recognize the source of conflicts and conflicting motivations
  5. Learn to purposely trigger the conflicts to accelerate progress
  6. Learn to resolve and integrate the conflicting energies
  7. Learn to assume the new (and oftentimes uncomfortable) identity of a master

I can’t possibly go into the depth of this study and practice on a blog. My audio course “Just Allow It” (http://JustAllowIt.net) covers step 3 and is 7 ½ hours long all by itself. But let me give you some pointers to get you started.

Always Remember You Are Not Broken

The confusion and indecision you feel is not there because you are stupid or inept or unprepared. It is there because your inner vision does not know how to correctly work with the moment and your own inner landscape in order to get the best results. That is because no one has ever taught you how! You have more than one inner voice arguing (oftentimes quite eloquently) for competing courses of action and you have to negotiate a settlement.

The first thing to do to resolve inner conflicts that lead to confusion is STOP AND LISTEN

You will be amazed at how much gets resolved by just listening to those voices. Why? Because all of these energies have one goal, one mission and one purpose for their life. To keep you safe. The conflict comes from the fact that none of these energies has the whole picture. They only see a part. Only YOU have the whole picture. But, once they know that they have been heard, they do become quiet. If they point out to you their perspective and what they perceive as a danger then they have done their job and go back to watching for triggers.

That quiet is what you experience as a sense of clarity and decisiveness. It is not a mystery. It is all of the inner voices of motivation have been heard and acknowledged and now submit to your decision. You are the leader after all. I know you probably didn’t realize that but you are.

I know that some of this may seem a bit odd at first. And you may also be wondering what in the world this has to do with “Tapping on the Buddha” since I have said nothing about either.

Stay tuned. It gets even more interesting.

For those of you who live in the Miami area I will be teaching “The 7 Eyes of the Soul” at a live event this Friday Night. Click here http://www.facebook.com/events/297769666977835/ to check out the details of the event.

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Abide Here


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Everything I teach, every word, gesture and nuance, every technique or practice has one end in mind. To awaken in you the deep, unmovable recognition of your inherent value. Both the infinite value of the universal and the intimate value of your unique individuality.

Whether I teach meditation or EFT or the Chakras or energy healing or non-duality or goals or life purpose the end is the same. Who you are is valuable beyond measure and it goes way beyond this one single life. Yet this one single life is the most important thing right now, right here, immediately for it is nothing other than the appearance of your infinite self that is beyond all possible expressions of it.

There is no music without the song. There is no universal without the particular. Whether it takes the form of a goddess or a wedding ring on a thousand fingers it remains forever the gold. You are that golden substance that assumes all forms but is never limited to any of them.

What is the shape of water? It has none. It assumes the form of whatever contains it, but just for a moment. True to its nature, it inevitably evaporates back into the air, invisible, undetectable, formless. There it remains for a time, until, inevitably once again, it condenses and falls to earth, nourishing everything it touches, merging with and giving life to every form that absorbs it and becoming one with it and indistinguishable from that form.

Everything is but for the moment. Everything is transient and impermanent. This is its great value. Never before and never again will this form appear. It comes and goes faster than a blink. Yet, you, the one who witnesses the coming and the going remain forever.

Abide here and be at peace.

Who You Really Are


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The heart and soul of this Buddha Tapping thing is to bring you in touch with who you actually are. Who you REALLY are.

That seems a bit strange when I say that to people. Not because it doesn’t sound good and fun and spiritual but because most people think that who they are is a work in progress and, at some time in the (way too distant) future they will attain some sort of spiritual perfection, enlightenment, freedom, Buddhahood.

But (and this is a big but)

The real ultimate spiritual experience is the revelation, not of what you can be, but of what you are and have always been

That seems unthinkable. I mean I am not a great yogi or an enlightened master or even a totally successful or even functional person. I have so many struggles and difficulties and problems and obstacles. So much in my life isn’t working. How can you possibly say I will awaken to what I have always been? I’m already awake to it. I’m a mess!

Yet, that is exactly what I am saying.

The problem is not with what you actually are,

it is with what you THINK you are

We have all had experiences throughout our lives when something we thought was true about ourselves turned out not to be. You think you are not good at something only to find that you do it better than most people. You think you are plain only to have all sorts of people tell you you are pretty (not that you believe them). You think you won’t be good at something and, after trying it find you can do it quite well. We often surprise ourselves with what we can do, be and have that we didn’t really think was possible at one time.

We have all had experiences of that woke us up to the fact that how we viewed ourselves was not actually in line with what we were really like, ideas we had about ourselves that were just wrong, limits that were imaginary. We have all had the same experience with others, finding people to be very different than what we first thought. Someone we dislike becomes our best friend.

Most of what we come to believe about ourselves gets instilled within us when we are very young and, for better or worse, sticks. The thing about beliefs is that once you become convinced that they are true, you start seeing evidence that supports the belief. And, maybe even more importantly, you DON’T see evidence that contradicts it.

Let’s take a very simple example. Can you take a compliment? If you find yourself deflecting compliments or saying “Oh, it’s nothing really” or “It’s not that big a deal” or “Anyone can do that” anything other than a “Thank you” or even feeling uncomfortable even when you do say “Than you” then you are disregarding evidence of your value right now. When someone tries to tell you something wonderful about you and you can’t take it in you are stuck in a belief that you are not that good and are rejecting the evidence that contradicts the belief. Even though you are starving to be acknowledged you reject the very acknowledgment you crave!

If 100 people tell you wonderful things about you and you deflect them or diminish them and one person says something bad about you and you take it in, what does that say about how you view yourself? Who’s right here? Well, you are. YOU are right! What ever you believe to be true is your truth. You will accept what confirms it and reject what contradicts it. It doesn’t matter if it is objectively true or not. It is true for you. And these truths make up your entire experience of life.

This goes even deeper into us because what we accept as the truth is instilled in us before we have the cognitive or intellectual capacity to form beliefs. So when I use the term belief I am not talking about an opinion. Our truth is not thought. It is acted out. What we regard as the truth is embodied in our nervous system as behavior. We don’t just think a thing. We act the thing. We behave and respond to our environment as if it is true and so it becomes the truth.

That is why truly releasing a negative image we hold of ourselves can be so difficult. It is not just an image, it is a way of life. We feel that way. We have been trained to feel bad about ourselves. If it were just a thought it would be easy to expunge. But we believe our feelings. We believe that they are true.

And now for the big AH-HA and the reason for the “Tapping on the Buddha” teaching. This mechanism of feeling and reacting to your environment according to the pattern of this assumed truth, is why, when you have the great insight or breakthrough, it does not immediately make everything in your life better. The great insight is only the first step.

Once you see something as true you are now required to practice that until THAT becomes the truth that the nervous system acts out

In other words, you must live the truth that is revealed to you and practice it until that becomes the embodied truth. To put it in Biblical terms “The word was made flesh” To put it in terms of the Chakras, the 7th Chakra, is established in the 1st. Then your entire life reflects the truth of what your insight has shown you.

Once you really grasp what I am saying you will lose forever the tendency to beat yourself up for your flaws. You will also lose the equally debilitating assumption that spiritual perfection is some ideal state we eventually achieve somewhere in the distant future. Then the idea that you are now and always have been perfect begins to seem possible. You start from the standpoint, not that you are broken and need to be fixed but that you are perfect just as you are and need to realize that in you body, mind and emotions.

You have always been the Buddha, you just didn’t know it.

If you live in the Miami area join us for the live even. Here is a link to the Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/events/381151058562599/

The Lag


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The Lag

Has this ever happened to you? You have done your self-help or spiritual practice and feel totally inspired and clear. Maybe even had had a big ah-ha moment. Then, 10 minutes later, you find yourself yelling at your kids, flipping off the guy who just cut you off on the highway, or being angry because it took the Barrista too long to make your Chia Mocha Latte.

What is up with that?

I have noticed that many people experience enormous spiritual insights only to be followed shortly thereafter by some emotional upheaval that seems totally contradictory to the insight. It is very confusing when that happens and can even leave us with a feeling of self doubt and inner criticism. “How can I be so stupid?” “I’m never going to get it.” Quite debilitating. The confusion is natural but it arises from a misconception of what spiritual experience is and, more importantly, how it moves though our nervous systems.

What is really going on?

The ultimate spiritual achievement is not a single, definitive ah-ha moment. It is not an insight or a even a revelation. As wonderful as those are they are as temporary as anything else earthly. Genuine spirituality is timeless. It does not come and go. It is here all the time. In fact, it is here right now.

Thinking that the great insight is somehow going to fix everything, right now, is a big mistake. Yes, they do change you. They do set in motion a process that will eventually lead to the full recognition of who you are, but that recognition is not a revelation. It is more of a quiet “Oh yeah, that’s right” Like remembering where you put your keys or something equally mundane.

Moreover, and this the most important point.

Just because you have an insight that blows your socks off doesn’t mean the full import of that insight has completely sunk into and reorganized your nervous system

Read that again. It is the reason why you are speaking to God one minute and yelling at your kids the next.

The mechanisms of your body don’t change as quickly as your higher intellect. The part of you that perceives the divine is just a part of the entire system. Just because you see clearly that is true doesn’t mean your body knows it’s true. You need to take the time and put forth the effort to retrain the body into the new truth that you have seen.

Remember that the nervous system is a set of automatic responses to environmental triggers. It does what it was programmed to do. It was programmed to implement as automatic behavior, what appeared to be the truth at the time of the programming. And it is still in that mode. Just because you have seen through that programming doesn’t mean it isn’t still operating. While occasionally the insight itself has enough energy to reprogram the system this is very, very rare. Usually there is a time lag. This time lag, if you don’t know about it is what creates all of the confusion after the big ah-ha moment.

Not understanding the functioning of the nervous system, and therefore, not knowing about the lag, hinders further growth. If you think that, since you had the revelation everything should adjust itself automatically, you will doubt the truth of your insight and your ability to hold it. This is a huge mistake. It makes you lose trust in their own spiritual growth. It makes you feel unworthy and discouraged.

Understanding the lag eliminates all that.

What is really happening is that the nervous system is simply lagging behind the higher spiritual center. You could say the 7th Chakra opened but the 1st, 2nd and 3rd have not yet gotten the message.

Your job, your real practice is to assimilate the experience you just had

You can work with the system in making the assimilation in a variety of ways. Practices like yoga, tai chi, chi gong and other physical practices do just that. Energy healing techniques like EFT or my “Just Allow It” (http://JustAllowIt.net) also facilitate the reorganization process.

So the next time the heavens part and you have the divine revelation and then 15 minutes later you yell at the cashier in the grocery store or cry when you break a glass take heart. You are not going crazy. You are not a horrible practitioner and the revelation you had was real. It has just not made its way all the way down to your gut. It will. Trust me. It will.

If you live in the Miami area join us for the live even. Here is a link to the Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/events/381151058562599/

Welcome to the Journey


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Welcome to the first installment of the “Tapping on the Buddha,” a blog to accompany the class I have just created of the same name and that I will be teaching for the first time this Friday at Naam Yoga Center in Miami Beach, FL. It will eventually become a tele-class and probably an audio course as well.

The idea for this class came about because of things that I was consistently hearing from inquirers, from those who were using my audio courses or listening to my Internet radio show. The questions (and sometimes complaints) I heard, always revealed a confusion as to the relationship between a highly dedicated spiritual practice and the normal ups and downs of everyday life. Sometimes that confusion was so subtle it was barely detectable. Other times it was downright in my face “Get me out of here. I want to be enlightened and go to blissland.”

For most (if not all), the spiritual life was rich and interesting whereas everyday life was drab and perfunctory. Spirituality came to mean extraordinary and everyday life mundane. Spirituality was exciting and engaging, everyday life something to be endured until the awakening. This notion is not only dead wrong, it is not helpful, even destructive. It creates suffering that is totally unnecessary. It alienates people from their own lives and instills the disheartening idea that the “truth” or “reality” is out there somewhere and is achieved by getting your practice right. It’s the reward for all the good behavior and self-denial. Unfortunately it is more like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The effort (and sometimes struggle) continues and the promised reward not forthcoming.

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

Reconciling the spiritual quest and one’s everyday life became a priority for me. Finding ways bridge that gap, to help bring one home to their own simple, already present self pretty much defines my mission in this life. A mission I gladly accept.

So welcome to this blog. If you have had (or are having) the experience that I described above, feeling like you are trying to live in two worlds at the same time and not doing a very good job of either then you have found a place to rest. By the way pretty much everyone on the path feels that. My job will be to show you not only that the separation is totally imaginary, but that it was created by a completely natural mechanism. Rather than being a personal flaw of yours it is the totally natural result of your body’s perceptual and cognitive processes.

But, rather than just tell you about it or give you more information, I will show you how to use a very simple energy healing technique to assist your nervous system in becoming comfortable with being what it is, being where it is and being when it is. In other words we will train the body to act according to the higher truth that you have seen, rather than its primitive instinct towards mere survival.

While I am sure that, as one on the spiritual journey, you recognize that that separation is totally illusory, you have probably wondered why that recognition has not eliminated all of your troubles, worry, fears and doubts. There is a simple reason for that. So simple, in fact, that it will blow you away. I call it The Lag and it is the subject of my next blog.

Here is a link to the Facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/events/381151058562599/